About Us

How it all began...

When I started the 9th grade, while everyone else was trying to decide what they wanted to be, I was two steps ahead. I knew from the get-go who and what I wanted to be: my own boss of my own operation. After I graduated (in 2013) I started to business school along with running my already established business. Every day since that day I have worked toward the goal of owning a unique boutique with a little bit of everything. Although I am no where near where I plan to be, I feel like I am already more blessed than I deserve with this little dream of mine. My heart and soul goes into this business. I eat, sleep, and breathe it. My goal every day is to move forward in some way or another. Don't try to tell me dreams don't come true, they DO if you work hard enough! At The Cowboy Lady, you will find the perfect gear for ropings, working cattle, or a night on the town.

Thank you for supporting my dream!
- Katelyn, Owner & Founder of The Cowboy Lady